I want to thank everyone for supporting my 50 Man Kumite.  To cut a long story short; I succeeded.       

The 50 Man Kumite was held out doors, on the island of Rab (Croatia) in the midday sun with a temperature of 38°C!

Shihan Semmy Schilt (K-1 Grand Prix World Champion) conducted the kumite and witnessed/verified my pass.

My opponents included 6th Dans, 5th Dans, 4th Dans, 3rd Dans, the East German Knockdown Team, former champions, current champions and I am proud to say my

own students.

- Each round was 1m 30sec with around 10-15 seconds to change opponent.

- At times gave up more than 40 kilos.

- There were times I wanted to quit but Shihan Eric made me believe I could succeed. He NEVER failed me. He stayed at my side.

- Many times I couldn't breathe. My lungs failed me. But Shihan Lionel Bricnet (6. Dan) NEVER failed me. He fought me and he guided me.

- During the twenty-seventh fight; I saw Lynn Peene screaming in pain - yet she continued!!! She succeeded in fighting her 30 man!!!


- Lynn is the PERFECT example of Kokoro. I am DWARFED by her skill, her heart and her dedication.

- During my last fight, number 50; I was not able to counter with strikes and I simply accepted the attacks. My body could not continue.

- During my last fight, number 50; I was knocked down three times and stood up each time in less than 1 second. My mind refused to stay down.

- I survived, I'm alive and I'm happy.

- The 50 man is usually a test for 4th Dans. 

- I completed this test as a Shodan with just one week's notice - but I'm glad I did it.

- I did it with the support of my wife.

- I did it with the support of my Budo family.

- I did it with the support of my teachers.


I did it with the support of my students.

- I did it because "without Kokoro, Budo is an empty shell".


As a result;

- I've now achieved something that I've been dreaming about since I was 14 years old.

- Kaicho Bluming (10. Dan) decided to promote me to Nidan (2nd Dan) in Kyokushin and All Round Fighting.

- Shihan Eric Van Vaerenbergh (6. Dan) decided to promote me to Nidan (2nd Dan) in Ronin All Round Karate.

Great fun...  I'm bruised (see photo of my blocking arm) but happy! :-)))))

Thank you for supporting me.

OSU & Always with Respect,


One Year Ago;

Doctor: "Shane, you have a condition called Atopy. Your respiratory system is genetically disfunctional. I'm sorry but this cannot be cured".

Shane: "What can I do about this? I run out of breath when I lift my daughter into my arms!"

Doctor: "Nothing. If you have this condition, it always wins in the end. These drugs will help your breathing a little."

I was devastated.

Two Days Later;

Shane: "Shihan, the doctor says I cannot fight or train. Please give me the 30 man kumite."

Shihan Eric: "No. It will kill you. Train... lose 20 kilos...  and come back."

Shane: "

I can't believe this is happening to me."

Shihan Eric: "You already have the skill for 50 men but your body will break cannot survive three. Learn to breath again - come back in one year."

I was imprisoned.

Two Weeks Ago (one week before Kumite);

SMS from Shihan Eric: "50 man kumite in Croatia?


SMS response from Shane: "Kokoro. Always ready to fight."

I was frightened.

1 Minute before the Kumite (26th August, 2007);

Semmy Schilt; "You are Shodan! Why are you fighting 50 man kumite? It's not necessary for Shodan!"

Shane; "I am doing it for me."

I was free.